“The visuals enabled our team to see things they’d been trying to see for months.”

Director, Strategy and Planning, Cisco Systems

“Jamie’s work accelerated understanding of the big picture…

….and increased effectiveness of our brainstorming and decision-making.  It also gave cross-functional/org/regional individuals and teams a common visual language and got them to alignment and agreement quicker.”

Senior Director, Strategy, McKesson

“That was the most successful executive roundtable and session overview we’ve had yet. Thank you for the important role you played in that.”  

VP, Inclusion and Collaboration, Cisco Systems

“His listening skills, his ability to capture the essence of what is at stake in a conversation and his ability to depict it for all the group to see…

…energized our creative process and led us to discover innovations and solutions we are now using to move our organization forward.” 

Director, Worldwide Services Sales, Hewlett Packard

“Jamie’s unique contribution to an organization can be the determining factor between an average meeting & program and an outstanding and effective one.”

Vice President, Strategic and Business Customer Services, Cisco Systems

“Client feedback I received on your illustrations was outstanding! 

They appreciated how your work enabled them to focus and actively participate in our discussions.  Telling the story really helped them (and us) with the context of the dialogue.  Really fantastic work!”

Client Relationship Executive, Deloitte Services

“Having you there clearly set us apart from other sessions…

…Your graphic support added a completely different element of interactivity and interest.  Not only was this a win to gain more awareness of our service within the company, but this is a win for the company in that topic is of top importance for the field as they adjust to a software sales model!”

Manager, Collaborative Workshop and Prepare Services Practice, Cisco Systems

“His work visually, creatively and intellectually is first class and reactions to the work have ranged from happily impressed to outright awe. I would gladly work with him anytime, anywhere.”

Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Business Capabilities Architecture, Cisco Systems

“Jamie’s graphic facilitation skills were a fantastic and valuable addition to our last global summit.”

Vice President, Services Sales, Cisco Systems

“Jamie is the X-factor!”

Head of Brand Experience, Elementum